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Fire Alarms

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Having worked with a wide variety of different fire alarm and detection panels, we can offer honest and impartial advice and recommend the most suitable system for your needs.

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Fire Alarms

As fire system specialists, we have access to the highest quality and most reliable conventional, addressable and wireless fire detection systems.

Our highly skilled security engineers are vastly experienced in working with a variety of different panels and can offer a complete range of services on these products; from design and installation to commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

Fire alarms and detection systems are very effective ways of saving lives. As soon as a fire triggers the detectors, the alarm will sound throughout your commercial building and alert people that they need to evacuate the premises as safely and quickly as possible.

We supply and install all types of fire detection systems, including:

  • Conventional panels
  • Addressable fire alarm systems
  • Wireless detection systems
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Aspirating Systems
  • Beam Detection Systems
  • Radio Fire Alarm Systems
  • Temporary Building Site Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional panels

Our conventional panels are ideal for use on smaller retail and commercial buildings. Easy to install, use and maintain, they are the system we would recommend when budget and simplicity are of importance.

Different models come with various numbers of zones, so whatever your requirements, there will always be an appropriate panel available.

Addressable systems

Addressable fire detection systems are the most widely used panels in the industry today. Suitable for any sized project or application, they recognise specific devices, making locating the exact origin of detection incredibly quick and easy.

We always utilise the leading open protocol panel manufacturers as these are compatible with the leading detector manufacturer protocols, Apollo and Hochiki. Addressable systems are easily integrated with other control systems via interfaces, so cause and effect systems can be established in the building.

Wireless detection systems

The latest in fire alarm systems, they require no cables to fit and install. The radio signal technology provides an aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly cost-effective alternative to wired systems.

They are also far simpler to install, requiring only a place to mount the panel and each device.

Risk Assessments

During any building or installation project, it is vital that a professional risk assessment is carried out. While making sure they are relevant for the building, these assessments need to be kept up to date. If you are aware that a risk assessment has not been carried out on your building, we can arrange for one to be completed for you. Any existing risk assessments can also be reviewed as part of this service.

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